Jump Towers. Fort Benning, Georgia. Soldiers are lifted up on a cable and then drop to the ground.

Jump Towers.

Jump Towers at Fort Benning, Georgia

Jump Towers at Fort Benning, Georgia

The Marines and Navy had their first salute outside after the ceremony.

Marine and Navy cadets taking the Oath of Office.

Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy cadets commissioning.

Army Oath of Office during the commissioning ceremony.

Rear Admiral Herman A. Shelanski spoke at the commissioning ceremony. Admiral Shelanski flew the E2-C Hawkeye, amassing nearly 3,000 flight hours and over 500 carrier landings during his flying career.

Joint Commissioning Ceremony.

University of Minnesota Seniors commissioning as officers from the ROTC programs.

Graduation for the senior cadets in the Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy today at the University of Minnesota.

Linear Danger Area Crossing performed by Gopher battalion cadets at the Arden Hills Army Training Site.